Eye-opening insights for your whole team.

By combining mouse, eye, and website data, PageGazer offers a unique research method, allowing you to benefit from easy-to-understand reports and actionable insights.

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For Product Management

Cutting-edge eye-tracking technology made easy for you and your product team.

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Why managers choose PageGazer:

  1. 1

    PageGazer encourages and enables data-driven product decisions.

  2. 2

    PageGazer offers an accessible entry point to eye-tracking user research for any member of the product experience team.

  3. 3

    PageGazer delivers a new, cutting-edge tool without the heavy price tag.

  4. 4

    PageGazer drives a speedy, iterative development process that keeps the focus on optimizing the user experience.

For UX/UI Design and Research

Bring the academic-grade eye-tracking method directly to your UX toolkit.

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Why researchers choose PageGazer:

  1. 1

    PageGazer provides concrete, objective data to support design choices to all your project’s team members.

  2. 2

    PageGazer powers the design team to quickly identify unexpected or unanticipated user visual behaviours.

  3. 3

    PageGazer supports quick, data-driven iteration, allowing you to move ahead on optimizations with speed and confidence.

  4. 4

    PageGazer supplies designers with user insights that help inform future design choices.

For Marketing

Fresh user-centered insights that spark confident, data-driven marketing activities.

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Why marketers choose PageGazer:

  1. 1

    PageGazer provides quantitative user behaviour data that is both ecologically valid and of high quality.

  2. 2

    PageGazer allows you to track and determine whether a user navigates through your website the way you expect them to.

  3. 3

    PageGazer helps you to measure if your target audience is paying attention to the right parts of your website.

  4. 4

    PageGazer yields new, actionable data that makes your user research that much more powerful and revealing.

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